Rachmadia in Seminyak 

Meet Rachmadia (left on photo): she is 24 years old, fluent in English and working for Nike in Jakarta. She is an inspiring muslim with liberal perspectives and striking oneliners. A few ones that stood out:

‘Most Indonesians like to have a white skin just like Westeners. But actually it’s not about the skin, it’s about the heart’. 

Rachmadia was not wearing her headscarf when I met her. We started to chat and it was only later when I realised she is muslim. Sometimes she takes her headscarf off when she feels like it. 

Her friendly face suddenly looks serious when we talk about muslim terrorism. ‘It is so sad that people think that all islamic people are terrorists. It’s the extremists who misunderstand the Koran, they only focus on specific parts of the Koran and completely misinterpret the meaning of our religion. It is so painful to see this happen.’

Dear Rachmania, please share your wise thoughts with the world and show people what it means for you to be moslim!​

(Right on photo: Rachmadia’s younger sister).


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