Bad Boy from Bali

After 2.5 hours singing and chatting with my taxi driver, he shared his secret with me: 

‘When my mother saw me with my tattoos and earrings, she thought I had became a terrorist…. You know, women think I am a bad boy, but actually I am a really nice guy. It’s because of my tattoos and piercings, Balinese girls don’t like that. Most of them are looking for a rich man. 

I would really like to marry a Balinese girl, so I already took out a few of my piercings in my nose and eyebrows. I studied biology to become a doctor, but it was too expensive to continue my study. That’s why I am a taxi driver.

Maybe I will finish my studies in the future… I am 32 years old now, so I still have some time to find her.’


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