Spiritual Samuel from Boracay

His friendly eyes looked straight into mine. “Why do you ask so many questions?!” Samuel asked me, my French Yoga and Meditation teacher who lives on the island Boracay.

“Because I am curious, I am always curious. I think it is better to establish your point of view on facts and answers than on assumptions, right?!” was my reply. 

“Trust your intuition – the real answer comes from inside” Samuel answered. I looked at him with a vague smile on my face. Did I really understand what he meant with this response? 

After he saw the doubt on my face, he continued: “If we trust in life, the questions we have will disappear.”

His spiritual answer was quite new to me. I never looked at it that way. I guess this journey in Asia is a good way to learn how to trust on my intuition. Let’s find out where it will bring me… 


While discovering the world of meditation, I did a holotropic breathwork session with Samuel, a hyperventilation meditation of 1.5 hours. This was an extraordinary trans-meditation which I never experienced before. 


One thought on “Spiritual Samuel from Boracay

  1. I trust in life as you know, but I am still very curious just because that shows my interest in other people I don’t ignore them, but take them serous and |I show my interest in their lifes Margreet PS Jet wij begrijpen elkaar die Samuel heeft nog een hoop te leren


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