Opinions about President Duterte 

“What do you think of your president?”

“Duterte is a great president! He fights our drug problem.” The first time I heard a Filipino say this I was surprised. But after asking more people, I kept on hearing the same answer.

Taxi drivers, Soan from Camiguin, Christina who immigrated to Australia and many other Filipinos: they are fed up with the drugs problem, it has been poisoning their country for many years. 

“Drug addicts rob our houses, steel our money and kill innocent people. Drug gangs are spreading fear in our country! It needs to stop!”

“All addicts are offered a rehabilitation program, but many of them don’t care.”

“Finally the problem is being solved. He kills them all!”

For me it is hard to believe that people could agree with the ruthless policy of their president. However, many Filipinos are relieved that finally action is taken against their biggest enemy: drugs.


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