Online dating in Myanmar

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I curiously asked our 19 year old guide Chit. “Hehehehe…. as a matter of fact I do, since 5 days”, he looked away while he was laughing shyly. “I actually met her on Facebook a year ago. I saw her photo and we started to chat. She lives quite nearby and now she’s my girlfriend.”

Online dating in Myanmar, who would expect this in a country that has been closed to foreign influences for so many years. However, online dating is actually quite common. 

I think Chits girlfriend is very lucky, this honest and friendly boy she met on Facebook is a keeper.
– – – – – 

About Chit:

Chit grew up in a remote mountain village in the north of Myanmar. 
Remote means: no electricity, no running water and small bamboo houses. To make things worse, different tribes in the region fight each other and the government, which makes the area highly unsafe.

As Chit is the oldest child of the family, he was sent to a monastery when he was 11 years old. There he went to high school and learned a bit of English. His siblings still work on the families tea plantation to help their mother. His father passed away when he lived in the monastery. 

Last year he returned to the north of Myanmar, where he now works as a guide who accompanies tourists to remote mountain villages. Unfortunately, his village is still too dangerous to visit by tourists. In October, he will start at the University of Lashio to study English. 

His goal in his future life: to travel the world! 



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