Midwives in remote villages

A drop of monkey blood, a tight robe around the belly and injections to remove blood. These are methods Ko Shin uses to reduce the blood pressure of women during their delivery.

30 years she has been a midwife in Topanka, a remote village in Myanmar. She learned her skills by watching other home-schooled midwives. 

Since there is no doctor in the village, people have to drive two hours on a dirt road to a hospital and pay $150. Hence, she is in charge to welcome the newborns in town.

She has many tricks. Stimulating herbs and food to start the contractions. When women are in pain, she massages them with coconut oil and then scratches their back with glass until the skin bleeds. When a baby lies in the wrong position, she repositions it by massaging the belly with her hands.

After the delivery she cuts the navel cord and gives the baby to the family so she can take care of the mother. 


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