The Yangon Alley Project

Big rats run around, the smell is unbearable, there are huge garbage piles and dark brown walls of dirt. This is an average back alley in Yangon.

Although the little alleys behind the houses could be perfect for children to play or for elderly to enjoy some gardening or rest, local residents use this space to ditch their garbage.

The social enterprise Doh Eain ( is showing citizens of Yangon that it is possible to transform a garbage pile into a clean, green and playful garden.

This initiative is not only warmly welcomed by the residents, but also the mayor of Yangon. Local and international cooperations are eager to contribute to The Yangon Alley Project.

The first 20 meters of dirty alleyway have been changed into an enjoyable back yard. Many more trash alleys deserve the same future! No time to waste!

Visit the website of The Yangon Alley Project to learn more about them and to contribute to this clean and green initiative.


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