Picture time in Kolkata

No matter where we come from, how big our family is, rich, poor, old, or young… there is always one family member eager to take a family picture. It’s this thing we don’t really fancy at the moment itself, but what we enjoy afterwards. 

In some cultures people smile in photo’s, others look straight into the camera. For this Hindu family from Rajasthan it was clear: no loud “cheese” or “cheers”, jokes or laughter. That’s how it’s done.

Boy oh boy, how much do I love this photo. Their characteristic faces, each so unique and all with a personal story. Their static way of posing, neutral expressions and sacked bodies. Men wearing light shirts, with a scarf or hat. Women in their colorful sari’s and a red tikka dot between their eye brows.

Will they ever hang this photo in their house? Or perhaps post it on Facebook or even Instagram? Or am I the only one who enjoys looking at their family picture? Who will know…?


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