Taking the night train 

Taking the night train in India is supposedly very safe and a common thing to do amongst locals and tourists. However, for me it was the first time, and I was quite nervous. The thought of sleeping in a train where everybody can grab your belongings or harass you made me feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Once in the train I tucked away all my belongings, locked my bags, and covered them with blankets. I wore big pajamas that could belong to my mother, wrapped myself in my travel sheet, and closed the curtains, leaving no space open for curious passengers to watch me sleep. And indeed nothing happened! We arrived safely at our destination after a comfortable train ride.

A week later, we met a traveler who told us about his experience in the night train. While he was vast asleep in the train, he suddenly felt somebody’s hands in his pants. He awoke startled and looked straight into the dark black eyes of a small Indian man. In desperation, the man asked him, “please sir, let me hold your penis for a while….”


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