The car accident in Nepal 

Her body lays next to the road. She is wearing a yellow – red sari dress. We can see her bare legs. Her upper body is covered with tree leaves to hide her face. She died a few minutes ago. 

A mini bus hit her and three family members when they were walking along the road. The bus tried to overtake another car, but smashed into the family. 

We gaze at the chaotic scene and witness how ambulances drive by with loud sirens. Will they make it to the hospital on time to save the lives of the heavily injured family members? 

In this small town, nothing happens unnoticed. Tons of villagers gather around the mini bus. The driver who caused to accident is still around! They threaten him, molest his bus and after a few minutes his mini bus is set on fire. Dark black flames leave the vehicle. He ain’t going nowhere.

The situation gets even more tense when sad news reaches the village. The other three injured family members died as well. All hell breaks loose, military forces arrest emotional family members who try to lynch the driver. He’ll pay! They will settle the financial compensation at the police station. Each victim will cost him €9000,- euro’s.

Meanwhile, her lifeless body is removed. May the lady in the yellow-red sari dress and her family members rest in peace.



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